Thursday, July 9, 2009

mini marshmallow guns

The kids were having some trouble with doing their chores well. So Matt started doing "sneak inspections" to check on the jobs they were doing. Matt decided that once he was able to inspect their chores and see that they ALL did an excellent job, they would be rewarded with the fun of making mini marshmallow guns. After a few days, they were all happy to hear "Great job!".
We went to Lowes and got some PVC pipe and a small hack saw and from there it was pretty easy to assemble the fun little toys. You kinda have to squish the marshmallows a little before you put them in the shoot but once in-it's great! I did see a squished marshmallow in the driveway covered with little tiny ants. So, the rule is NO MARSHMALLOW FIGHTS IN THE HOUSE!notice the marshmallow on Andrew's back :)

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melanie said...

that is great!!!
they look like so much fun!!! :) great pictures. and i loved the marshmallow on andrews back!