Saturday, July 18, 2009


So we're driving home from the park tonight and I hear Drew say, "Please pass me the black widow." Silence. " CALEB! Pass the widow!" I never thought I would hear that conversation. Unfortunately it happened. And Caleb DID pass him the black widow.

Obviously there is a story coming...

We were at the park and 4 of the kids were playing on the playground, Leah was in her stroller and Brianna and Matt were playing soccer in the field.

Caleb decided to walk on the wood border around the play area when he spotted a spider on one of the beams. A black one. A big one. He called the other kids over and next thing I knew Cameron was calling me over telling me he found a black widow. I came over, skeptical. Sure enough, in a web was a big, black spider with a bright red hourglass on it's belly.

At that point we called Matt and Bri to come over . Here is how you know we're a homeschool family. Matt decided to catch it so we could observe it more closely. We emptied Leah's crackers from the container they were in and so we had a spider catcher. It took a while and everyone was quite spooked during the process. But, Matt got it!

When we got home we searched for info on black widows. I couldn't look... I soaked a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol and Matt put it in the container. We've all been a little jumpy tonight, but would definitely consider ourselves more educated. To be filed under "Science" in the kids' portfolios :)

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Tracy said...

Your post gave me the heebie jeebies just reading it. What's next ... catching a tarantula?