Friday, September 18, 2009

the excellent wife

A friend of mine in NH has been reading this book and occasionally sharing things from it with me. I loved what she was sharing so I checked on and got a copy for myself.
I HIGHLY recommend this book! It is SO biblical and very challenging. The principles in this book are very applicable. I love how the author points out God's promises of joy in life regardless of circumstances when you do what is right. This book is very contrary to the thinking and philosophies of a woman's role in marriage that is so prevalent today. It becomes evident, however, after reading that GOD'S way is the right way. His way brings joy and true peace. If you choose to read it, keep a pen handy and prepare to be convicted!


Kim said...

Love this book! We read this last year and met her to discuss a couple of times a month. I marked mine up quite a bit :)

Kim said...

That should have said, "met here" meaning my house ;) I haven't actually met *her* but I sure would love to!