Friday, September 18, 2009

science experiment

For the first time since fourth grade (meaning when I was in fourth grade!) I actually like Science. I am so fascinated with Brianna's Physical Science course. The book is published by Apologia and this is my first experience with that curriculum. I am very impressed. I had such a fun and informative time doing one of Bri's experiments with her. God's world is so amazing that I can hardly imagine that there are people out there who call themselves scientists that DON'T believe that God created this world. Personally (besides the fact that I believe the Bible to be absolute truth) I just don't have the faith to believe that this world came into being by accident- random chance. The more I see of God's intricate and complex creation the more I am unelievably grateful that I have a personal relationshipwith Him. That He loves me like He does and takes an interest in the most minute details of my life.

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