Thursday, October 1, 2009


This really is not a blog-worthy topic but one nonetheless that I am going to post. Maybe it's my way of getting recognition or perhaps even sympathy? I do a lot of Math these days. At least Monday-Friday. I start with first grade math at 9:00, 9:30 I am doing freshman math, 10:00 and I am doing beginning multiplication with my grade 3 student. 10:30 brings me to fifth grade and I end my math at 11:00 with pre-Algebra with my seventh grader.
If I had a nickel for everytime one of my children asked me WHY they need to learn what they are learning and how this will apply to their grown-up life I would be a very rich woman. Today I personally applied Math to my very own grown-up life.

It all started with a call from Alissa (who has Leah-duty at 11:00) that Leah was stinky and needed a diaper change. I excused myself from Pre-Alg with Cam and went upstairs to change her. I began to wonder how many diapers I have changed in my life. I then began to do the math.
If I averaged 4 diapers a day per child (figuring low and not counting stomach flu or other "sick" days...) for 2 years that was 2,920 diapers per child. Multiply that times 5 children that was 14,600. Add 1, 460 for one year so far of child #6 and I got 16,060. Since none of my kids were potty trained until at least 2 months after their second birthday and I know that the first 2 months of their lives I changed an average of 8 diapers a day that made me have to add another 2,880 diaper changes to the total, for a (low approximate) Grand Total of 18,940 diapers I have changed in the last 13 years! . (Then, to be fair I wanted to subtract the # of diapers Matt has changed which brought the grand total to 18, 934! ....... I'm kidding about the Matt part :) )
So you see, Math really DOES come in handy in the real world.
From another perspective, it made me feel pretty blessed to be able to have had all those precious, squirmy little babies that needed their diapers changed. God really is so good!


melanie said...

haha! :) this was such a fun post!!! wow, you are quite the math teacher these days!!!! and ALL THOSE DIAPERS you have changed!!! 18,940!!!INCREDIBLE!!!! you sure are blessed. :)

love you!!!

ajnrileysmommy said...

you are so funny!! and i like the number after matt! :)

Mary Cunningham said...

Haha - Erika! you are so great:) You are an amazing mom for sure! if we only realized all our moms have done for us!