Thursday, November 26, 2009

thanksgiving eve

The day before Thanksgiving was a busy one! We all HAD to stay busy because otherwise the day would have dragged by so slowly waiting for Auntie Mel and Uncle Chad to get here. Everyone was excited from the time they got up.

Brianna, Alissa and I did a lot of baking. Alissa spent the most time with me in the kitchen since this was the first year she could do stuff that really did help!
She wanted to make something for dessert so she looked through cookbooks until she found a recipe that she wanted to try. She made these cookies all by herself!


When it was around the time that we thought the Wamplers shoud arrive, the kids kept going onto the porch looking for them. This is Leah and Andrew playing with each other on different sides of the door.

When they finally got here I was too excited to even have my camera so I missed taking pics of the whole welcome celebration.
Melanie brought a birthday gift for Bri from Nanny and Grandpops, the Chases and the Wamplers. Brianna LOVED it!

Nanny always adds her own special touches to everything and this time was no exception. Inside the Bed-in-a-bag was a grab bag of tootsie rolls :)

What a night! My sister is finally here....


taffie said...

Great job on those goodies Alissa. They look delicious!

ajnrileysmommy said...

jealous...wish all us girlies could be together! glad you are having a good time!
love you