Saturday, February 20, 2010


Matt, Bri, Cam, Alissa (and Nathan and Leah) all went to a Revive concert today. Brianna and Cameron went early and helped set up and sell tickets. The band is one from Australia and they were on their way to Winter Jam- a Christian music tour that is in VA this weekend.
Everyone had such a great time! They got front row seats. Bri and Cam even got to sit and eat pizza with them, talk with them, and get their pictures taken with them!

This is what they want known about them:

“To maximize our gifts for the glory of God,” Hanbury says stating the band’s purpose. “We talked about our values for a while. Values are how you want to run your business or your band. So we came up with respect, integrity, diligence, excellence, fun, humility and Godliness. Fun had to be on there. It is fun. Being in a band, at times is really fun and what’s wrong with that. We don’t want to deny the fun of being in a band.”

Beyond the music, the fellowship and fun, Revive is about ministry and reminding people of the message in Psalm 85. “It says, ‘He will revive their hearts.’ We love that,” says Hanbury. “We want people to be refreshed, like what our name means, to be revived. It would be great if someone would listen to this CD, and feel like they could walk closer with the Lord.”

I am glad that Matt and the kids had the chance to go today and to be encouraged!

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