Wednesday, February 24, 2010

soccer season

Spring soccer has begun. This is actually a big deal for us because this time it is for Brianna and just Brianna. Although she has played soccer lots of times before, this is the first time that it will be highly competitive. The Lady Patriots are the Central Virginia Homeschool Athletic Association's soccer team. They will be traveling, competing with other high school soccer teams. They have made a name for themselves too- last year they made it all the way to the finals!
Brianna is so excited to be a part of this and has been working hard to get ready for this season.

I was very happy after sitting in on the first soccer meeting with the coach. He made it very clear that more than anything else, His goal for the team was that they all glorify God. He talked so much about Jesus being the only thing that really satisfies and brings joy. I am glad for the influence of a coach that wants to lead his girls into a more serious relationship with Jesus Christ!

Yesterday instead of dropping Bri off and leaving, I let the kids play at the playground and fields nearby.

I was watching Leah as she was climbing up the stairs that led to the kiddie slide. It was a bit difficult for her as the steps twisted and the first one was a big step. What intrigued me was that when she found she was having a hard time she would just hold out her hand. And when she did- a brother or sister would come out of nowhere to hold it and help her up! She never called, cried or even looked- she just held out her hand. She fully expected that someone would be there to help her. -And she wasn't disappointed.
I really thought about that. I know that in life when I come to a "big step" I often give up, cry, get discouraged, and feel defeated. According to my Bible though, all I need to do is in faith, "hold out my hand". God has promised to lead me, guide me, never leave or forsake me, and hold me with His righteous right hand! He goes before me and He is behind me. Why do I need to be afraid? It is no surprise that Jesus refers to the faith of a child. I need more of that!


Tracy said...

Love it!

melanie said...

so glad bri's on that soccer team!! that is adorable about leah just reaching out!! she is definitely well loved and taken care of:) and what a great analogy!!! so true- to have the faith of a child. to just reach out. and God will be there to hold our hand and help us. thanks for that!!
i love you!!

taffie said...

I love that story about Leah holding out her hand. That was a real reminder to me that the Lord is always there for us. Love the pink hat too!