Thursday, March 25, 2010


I read a little this morning out of the book The Heart of Anger by Lou Priolo about the importance of disciplining your children and how the training process is so important. I love this book (so far) because it uses so much scripture and is completely biblical. It doesn't use psychology or the latest methods of punishment. It brings me back to what God says. And, since He made us and our kids, isn't HE the expert???
I sure was convicted about being faithful and consistent in the training of my kids. Look at how cute Leah is as "ball girl" for us when we play tennis. Have you seen anything more adorable?? Well that is what sometimes prevents me from recognizing that she, even at her young age, is learning. Whether I am consciously teaching her or not. She is learning how to get what she wants- will she get it if she cries or does she stand a better chance if she's quiet? She is learning whether or not to take my commands seriously. She is learning what makes us laugh (NO boys, it is NOT funny when she hits you if she is mad!), if she has to stay in her highchair at meal times, if she is allowed to go on the stairs, if she needs to keep her shoes on outside, if she has to take her nap.
I asked God this morning to help me be faithful in teaching and disciplining her (and the others) the way that He wants me to. It is way too easy to let things go or to get angry or to take things away. That's not what God wants me to do.
Priolo points out in this chapter the importance of TEACHING and TRAINING. And that takes time! Time though that God requires me as a mother to take- whether I feel like it or not.
He closes the chapter saying this:
Be sure that you clearly understand that biblical discipline involves correcting wrong behavior by practicing right behavior, with the right attitude, for the right reason, until the right behavior becomes habitual.

That does not come naturally. God has given me the children that I have and they are a blessing from Him. He expects me to train them! It's a big job but He has equipped me to do it- they DID come with a manual and it is the Bible. I prayed today that God would help me to be diligent to train my kids today and to give no thought to whether or not I feel like doing it. The reward will be worth it!

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