Saturday, May 8, 2010

alissa's guitar

Alissa had some money and had been telling me that she wanted a guitar. I looked on craigslist and we found this little one for $8.00. That was within her budget so we picked it up for her!
The only problem right now is that it is not made for a lefty. But, we have a friend who said that if we get new strings, he will re-string it for her so the strings are "backwards" and she will be able to play it just fine. We got a couple of guitar books from the library and she has been having a lot of fun playing around. It is the best sound to me to hear her singing away. She has such a beautiful voice and we pray that she always uses it for the Lord.

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taffie said...

What a cute guitar Alissa! I can't wait for you to play it for me.........luv, Nana