Sunday, May 9, 2010

mother's day

My journal entry was short this morning.
Blessed by my mother, blessed to be a mother.

I am so grateful to God for the children He gave me. I could write a book on each one individually about what I love about them. I wouldn't trade my life as a child of God, a wife to Matt and a mother to Brianna, Cameron, (Devan),Alissa, Caleb, Andrew, and Leah for anything in this world! I take my calling as a mother very seriously. I consider everything I do as a mom as an investment in the future. I want to invest my time, my prayers, my love...everything into their lives.
If I don't intentionally pray for my children, diligently train them, patiently correct them, lovingly instruct them and constantly point them to Jesus - then I am not worthy of my calling. I pray that I will be a mom who does all of that.

I had a real surprise yesterday. I came downstairs after Matt came home from some "errands" and found these gorgeous lilacs on the table! I had NO idea how Matt could have gotten them for me but he reminded me that when he sets his mind to something...look out!
He and the kids somehow arranged for me to have these lilacs here for me on Mother's Day. As much work as he went through last year to get me some, this year I'm sure was much more difficult. I appreciated it so much- and the smell...... amazing!

Matt and the kids have gone way out of their way to see that I have a happy Mother's Day.


melanie said...

beautiful pictures, and a beautiful family. you are so blessed and you are such a wonder. your kids are blessed to have you as their mother. beautiful lilacs too!! :)

missing you!

melanie said...

(ps. you ARE a mom who is doing all of that which you said you pray to be doing! it is so evident!!)

Mary Cunningham said...

oh Erika! how sweet that he got you lilacs once again:) i do remember last year! it was so fun keeping the secret, and then seeing your face when you got the lilacs:) *hugs* to a wonderful mother!