Thursday, May 20, 2010

miracle report

Okay so I have a miracle to report. Most everyone knows that I get cankers. A lot of cankers. EVERY SINGLE TIME I bite my lip I get a canker. The only way to prevent that is to immediately put some of this canker-rid on it. Consistently for a couple of days. Well, the medicine is very messy so I didn't bring it to conference. Well, on the aiplane, I was so nervous about take off that I was chewing my gum furiously and ended up biting my lip in 2 places. I was bummed because I didn't want to have a canker while away. SO, I prayed about it! Well, the cuts healed quickly and with NO canker. Honestly that is a miracle. That has never happened before. This will be my link into my upcoming posts (later on) about what I have been learning about the amazing power of prayer. God gave me a real life object lesson on something He was going to deal with me on and I am thankful!

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