Thursday, May 20, 2010

National Conference- Day 3

Yesterday brought another round of great encouragement. We were challenged in the morning by Steve Dewitt to live life with a "loose grip". He reminded us that we do not have the right to our own lives and that there is incredible freedom in that. We face a lot of trials in life but as we make Jesus higher, like a teeter totter our self gets lower. Once we "die to self" we experience joy in an amazing way.
I really am not good at short recaps so if that makes no sense- guess you had to be there!

God is really working in Matt's and my life and we are thankful for His persistence as He works to make us more like Jesus.

There is a cool new CD that is out that will help kids to memorize their 5-Day Club Bible verses. The people who put these scriptures to music came and did a demo for us at a session. It was going through my head yesterday. :)

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