Monday, May 17, 2010

National Conference Day 1

Today was the first day of the CEF National Conference. This was the view outside my window on the plane as we flew to Alabama. I read through Job 38-39 as I looked out. I was absolutely amazed at God and reminded of how it really is NOT all about me. Tonight we heard a couple of girls sing. They sang a song they had written about how God speaks through creation. One line was "From the halls of heaven a little bit of glory escapes". I was able to agree completely with that as I thought back to my view from above the clouds. A little bit of glory.

We found a place to just sit and drink our coffee. Nice.

One of the teachers that Matt had at CMI saw us coming toward him and said "Good night nurse! Look what the cat dragged in!" Now, obviously he was joking, he was thrilled to see us. But after being up since 3am, I'm pretty sure that I did look like something the cat dragged in!

Matt talking to Cameron.

It is really neat to meet people for the first time and yet have an instant connection. Really neat. I have more feelings and emotion about that but I am "dead tired" as my kids would say and can't think clearly!
We are looking forward to some great sessions, workshops, worship and time together tomorrow.


Susanna said...

So glad you and Matt have this opportunity!!!

ajnrileysmommy said...

oww owwwww!!! who's the hot mama in the black?? miss you! :) ps. next picture, please include the shoes. thanks.