Monday, July 12, 2010

another week another club

This week started another round of clubs. Day one saw about 20 kids at this particular one with the potential for more throughout the week! Cameron is doing so well with his role as a teacher and is growing in many ways. Brianna has taken her position as a 3rd year missionary very seriously and plays a major role in the running of clubs.
One thing I love about CEF is that it's not just the children that get the benefits of the clubs, it's the workers too! These teens are impressing Matt and I so much as we watch them mature and learn and increase in their desire to serve God. This is hard work and requires a good attitude, constant studying, team work, flexibility, responsibility, AND a teachable spirit when corrected. Personally this is one of my favorite aspects of CEF ministry.

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taffie said...

I'm so proud of you guys, giving of your time to minister to children and tell them about Jesus. You are a godly example even to us adults. Luv and miss you!......Nana