Saturday, July 17, 2010

summer days

Summer days look different when you are involved with CEF. While most of my family was enjoying Alton Bay (and oh how I wish I was there!) we were enjoying our days filled with miscellaneous moments and 5-Day Clubs. We sent the younger kids (with the exception of Leah) to one of this week's clubs. They absolutely loved it! Caleb can hardly wait until he is old enough to do CYIA.

First things first. Had I not started my days with a good dose of the Word I would have been very bad off. Thankfully spending time with Jesus in the morning gets my days off to a very good start! A jump start I definitely needed this week (and every week!).

Matt (cool as ever) driving the kids to club-

Leah loved being at the club while we got the kids settled and made sure things were good to go. She hated to leave since the hostess had such a fun backyard!

Some more of the pre-club time-

Setting up-
I had put Leah to bed one night while the kids were at club. She cried for each of her brothers and sisters by name and I gave in. I let her stay up until they got home and Brianna read her a book before bed.

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