Sunday, July 25, 2010

cameron update

Cameron is getting better slowly but surely. Last night was a good night of sleep for him. I checked on him in the early morning and he was actually sleeping on his side- the side with the most painful incisions.
He still walks all hunched over and it is painful for him to go from lying down to sitting up but he is working on it. We make sure he moves from couch to chair and I have even had him walk around or go up the stairs occasionally. He has taken very little pain medicine and none at all today.
Yesterday a couple from church brought Cameron these balloons and some pizza. We weren't sure if he'd be up to eating pizza and I cautioned him to pay attention to how he felt, but he wanted some (an improvement right there), ate some, and felt good after! Praise the Lord!
I get chills whenever I have to look at his incisions, whenever I see him grimace in pain, when he turns or moves at all.... I can't wait to go a day without feeling those sympathy pains!
The two things that bother him the most are:
1- Leah wants so badly to sit in his lap but we just can't let her
2- He wants to teach 5-Day Clubs this coming week
Depending on how he is doing we may let him be at a club on Thursday and Friday. NO GAMES though and nothing that requires bending, stretching, or holding flash cards!

I will probably post something sometime soon about how frustrating it is NOT to be prepared for an emergency and some lessons I learned!

Cameron still needs prayer for healing and for patience to stay still. Thanks to all who have been praying for him. A mother REALLY appreciates it!


melanie said...

so glad to hear that he is improving!! we are still praying for him!!

Tracy said...

Remember how you had to get out of bed when you were pregnant (you know ... using your hands and not your stomach muscles), have him do that (google it if you can't remember) When I had my gall bladder out laproscopically it hurt like the dickens ... not from the incisions but because they had to go through muscles. Try some motrin or aleve to just take the edge off ... it will help him when he has to get up and down.

He seems to have a great attitude ... that helps with the healing process! Praying for you!