Friday, July 23, 2010


What a week! Cameron and Brianna were doing 2 clubs each day and everything started out great. The clubs were going so well and Brianna had the opportunity to lead some children to the Lord! Spirits were high and the team was so excited.

Wednesday night after the team got back Cam and Matt played a little ping pong despite the fact that Cam had a little stomach ache. He figured that a good nights sleep would help and he'd wake up feeling better in the morning. He had a hard time falling asleep though because of his stomach- finally drifting off around 11:00. At 2am he came into my room telling me that he had a bad pain in his stomach. I took a while to assess the situation and talked to Matt about what I thought. He thought we should take him to the ER. It turned out that Cameron had appendicitis! Cameron was devastated because he thought he might miss club. He asked me if he could be home in time to go because he was teaching the memory verse. When I told him absolutely not he asked if he could do club on Friday. I still said absolutely not!

Anyway, he had surgery done by an excellent pediatric surgeon and was treated by some really great nurses. When they brought him up to the pediatric ward after his surgery was over the nurse told me that I have an awesome son. She said he woke up sweet and so polite. Even though I already knew that Cam is an awesome son, it was nice for me to hear that repeated over and over throughout his stay at the hospital. That's because of what Jesus has done in his life!

Cameron is home recovering now. He is in a lot of pain but hopefully each day will get a little better until he is completely better. Thankfully he will never have a problem with his appendix again!

He says that getting the IV was the worst part.

Encouragement from dadNot too long after surgery

Finally sleepingNext day
I am so glad he is home. Now I get to be his nurse-what a lucky guy ;)


Jenn said...

Oh no Erica! I am glad he is ok!! What a scary thing for a young boy!

melanie said...

so glad he's home and recovering, with a great nurse!!! :) praying for him!

ajnrileysmommy said...

i hate all those pictures! it makes me so sad. glad he is doing better. love you guys! xo

Susanna said...

Poor guy! I agree - the IV is the worst part, at least it was one of the worst parts of my labor with Easton! I'm glad he's feeling better. You'll be amazed how quickly he recovers!!