Saturday, July 31, 2010


Today was a beautiful day to go to Maymont. At 88* it was about 15* cooler than it was last weekend! Also, the humidity level was down and there was a nice breeze. Still hot but much nicer than it could have been!
Leah walked almost the whole way. Matt carried her in the backpack for a few minutes but the rest of the way she was trying to keep up with the big kids! Amazing.

Caleb loved seeing the cooper's hawk since he remembers hearing about them in a book I read to him and Andrew.

This is when Leah got out of the backpack. Apparently seeing the other kids on the bear was too much for her. She wanted "out" "play" and "bear"... so out she went!

I think Cameron may have overdone it today. But his "mom, I'm feeling great" and Dad's "he'll be fine, let him do it" overrides mom's "better take it easy and just walk"..... boys will be boys I guess.

We will be so sad when it's time for Katherine to go back home to NH. We have enjoyed having her with us!


melanie said...

these pictures are so good!!! i loved looking at them. looks like a wonderful day! miss you all so so much....

taffie said...

I remember that place. It's so beautiful, but I don't think I saw the waterfall. Glad Cam was able to enjoy it too!