Thursday, July 29, 2010

pool time

Brianna's friend Katherine, from NH, is visiting this week! The girls have been doing 5-Day Clubs (Katherine is a CYIAer too!) during the day. Last night they got home, had supper, and then we all went swimming! It felt so good to all be out doing something enjoyable.

Cameron went in the water for about 3 minutes but got out because he wasn't feeling so great. Luckily he came prepared- he and Matt played chess while everyone else swam.
Cam has been going pretty stir crazy so this was really good for him. His incisions are starting to itch. I think that's a good sign that things are starting to heal. Please keep praying for him!


taffie said...

I'm glad you all got to cool off with some pool time. It's been so hot down there! Glad Bri has a friend visiting. Praying for Cam. Luv you all.

melanie said...

so much fun!!! and that pool looks so refreshing! i want to join you all! so glad you were able to enjoy it.

miss you terribly...