Saturday, August 28, 2010

beth moore conference

Brianna and I were given 2 tickets to a Beth Moore conference this weekend. It was Friday night and then again Saturday morning.

There is a really lot I could say about the time spent there. The first thing is that I so enjoyed spending time with my daughter. That is always fun!

Next, Beth really knows how to get into the Word and I love that. I took a lot of notes, learned some good theology and have a lot to process in some upcoming quiet moments with my Lord.

Third, it was a very emotional time as I realized surrounded by so many southern ladies just how northern I am. I last saw Beth Moore in NH and it was so different. Also, I went with my mom and sisters last time so not being with them was sad. Thankfully, I met my friend Leah there and was able to meet her mom so that gave me a brief moment of "mom and sister" :)
Lots to do in preparation for the next two weeks so I'll just throw in a couple of pictures and be done with this post!
It's hard to see, but the picture on the screen is a picture of the niece of a friend of Beth's. She was rewarded with goldfish for success in potty training and this was her response. Beth said she hoped that those who were so familiar with God and His Word and may have lost some of the wonder, would have this kind of sheer joy over it again. Too cute!


melanie said...

so glad you guys were able to go. i wish i couldve been there too!!! sounds like a great time.
cant wait to see you soon! :) love you!

Kim said...

that is so funny about the southern thing! I haven't been to a ladies retreat in years (like through church) but when I did it was always a cry fest! Miss you Erika!!!