Friday, September 3, 2010

beginning our trip

Our plan was to break up our trip to NH so we started out by heading to my brother's house. The trip went as well as could be and we ran into very little traffic. I turned around in my seat at one point and this is what I saw. Notice the serious expression on Leah's face- she wasn't trying to be funny! The kids were totally grossed out :)

The dogs didn't seem to care that 8 people had just filled their normally peaceful home...

Leah loves Lilla!

I wish the visit could have been longer but there is still something so nice about just connecting. Ron and Bobbi already have the reputation with the kids of having Toaster Scrambles and Cocoa Krispies for them. (something their own mom doesn't even do for them!) Lilla is a big draw too. Especially for me! I couldn't get enough of the little precious. Her mommy feeds her very well- she is so cute, chubby, and healthy looking.

I loved being able to be at their house, love on their baby, and just sit and visit. I don't take that for granted.

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melanie said...

great pictures!

that one of leah and her paci's!! how funny!! :)