Monday, August 16, 2010

where have i been?

I can hardly believe I have blogged so little lately! I have been over my head in school planning and house cleaning. I have to admit it has been a bit overwhelming. But, I am getting there and I'm sure I won't regret being prepared for school this year!
There are lot of interruptions to my planning as well. I enjoy peace and quiet but that can be a bad sign around here sometimes. Like this day when I realized it was quiet and jumped up to look for Leah. Oh, she was just sitting on the table eating grapes!
But there was a break on Saturday for our end of the year CYIA appreciation. (although we do still have one more week of clubs left!)
We went to a sports park. Matt is so committed to our family and he tries to always include the whole family if possible. So back when he got the tickets, he got a couple for the younger kids too. They were so glad they were able to go and they absolutely loved it!The go karts-probably the biggest hit for the kids
Leah just watched:

There was the arcade - Grandpops would be proud at Cameron's choice of games.
The batting cage was fun for Matt and the little boys

Leah still watching

There was mini-golf and laser tag also.

We didn't take advantage of the play place until the last few minutes but Leah finally got to do more than just watch!

I wasn't able to stick around for the pizza and testimony time but I heard it was really neat. All the CYIAers worked hard this year and I know that God was well pleased with their commitment to Him. So far over 230 kids were reached this summer by the Richmond team and 28 kids were counseled for salvation. Praise the Lord!


melanie said...

haha!!! how funny about leah!! :) eating grapes on the table :) so cute!!

glad you've been productive, but also glad you're back to blogging!! :)

looks like such a fun day at that park!!! glad you all got to do that.

love you and miss you!!!

ajnrileysmommy said...

looks like you had fun!
love leah's football paci,
and i can't wait to see you guys!
love you

taffie said...

Love all the pics, and the bumper cars look like fun! Glad you guys have a fun day together.