Friday, September 17, 2010

callen taylor

We have gotten home from vacation, all been sick, had major internet problems, started school and.....survived! Anyway, once I can access my vacation pics again, i will finish up with those posts. But for now, I can give blog about the MOST exciting thing that happened while we were gone.

My sister Melanie had her baby! Callen Taylor arrived safely on Thursday, Sept 9. i am SO grateful that I was able to be at the hospital when he was born and was able to get a quick peek at him while he was still very very new. Aa cute as he is (AND HE IS!) when I went into Mel's hospital room it was Melanie I couldn't keep my eyes off of ! She was glowing. Her long desired baby was finally in her arms. Praise God!

I love that we both have unlimited texting and thought I'd share just a few of the pictures that she has texted me.

Cameron is reading the book "I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist". How appropriate. Can you imagine the faith it takes to look at something as amazing as baby Callen and still be able to say there is no God? Wow.

I know for sure this little guy was "fearfully and wonderfully made"!


melanie said...

this post was beautiful. i love how you did that with all those pictures!! what a sweet baby. yes, my long desired baby in my arms. and definitely- fearfully and wonderfully made.

love you so much. and SO glad you could be there at the hospital to see him brand new.

Susanna said...

Hi Erika, What a special thing to be able to share with your sister! Priceless. Good to talk the other day. I've been praying for you!