Thursday, September 23, 2010

school, soccer and other

After a long summer (for me- the kids thought it flew by!) we are back into our fall and school routine. I worked at making a schedule and even did a whole bunch of menu planning using a website that has been a favorite lately. My days have been so full and very busy but it is always nice to feel productive!
Andrew is a world away from where he was last year in school and is doing so well.

Don't they say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? :) (Trying out a recipe for a healthier version of sausage. It was a hit)

ALWAYS get suspicious if even for 1 minute you do not hear your 2 year old playing. If it gets quiet she may just be in her big sister's room putting on mascara! (waterproof I might add)

Soccer started up for the younger kids. Here we were on our way to a game and the sun was in Leah's eyes so Bri let her use her sunglasses.

Andrew and Alissa in their soccer uniforms before their games.

Brianna is assistant coach of Ali's team.

All watching Caleb's game...

A very blurry and shaky 4 second clip of Caleb scoring a goal.

I am so thankful to be back into a routine. It makes me very happy!

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melanie said...

great pictures!!! i love to see pictures of the kids- and that breakfast looks delicious!! ohh boy, leah!! double trouble for sure :)