Saturday, September 25, 2010

teacher training

There was something special about today. It is funny how life changes and it changes so quickly.

Today was a CEF teacher training. Matt was expecting about 25-30 people and it went from 9am-5pm. An all day event. Also scheduled for today were soccer games for Alissa, Andrew, and Caleb. That meant that I had to take the kids to their games-9:00, 10:15 and 11:30. (I also had to teach a class at the training in the afternoon so that was a little tricky with lunch, nap time etc - but it worked out.) So I couldn't be there at the training to help Matt in the ways I usually do.

What struck me about life changing is.....Brianna. Doesn't seem like too long ago that she was a little girl tagging along trying so hard to "help". I remember praising her over and over for what a big helper she was but knowing too that the job would have gotten done faster or better without her help!

Well, not so today. Brianna went to the church early this morning. She made coffee (caf and decaf), cut up cheese, washed and set out fruit, sliced baked goods, remembered to set out cream and sugar, napkins and paper plates and completely set up (with the help of fellow CYIAer Alyssa!) for the training. She then organized the registration.
She went on to demonstrate each page of the wordless book to a room full of men and women, and along with Cameron, Daniel and Alyssa (CYIAers) demonstrated a Good News Club (which she wrote the schedule for) to the whole class.

I was amazed. God is doing amazing things through her. Matt was so grateful for all she added to the class and told me that many people told him how impressed they were with her and the job she did.

It is also a BIG reminder to me to pray for her. I don't take for granted that because she is serving God today she will always serve Him. (same goes for anyone) Since I see the potential in her I am driven to pray that God will have her heart completely. That she will put Him first in all she does and love Him with all her heart, soul, and mind. God has a plan for her and I pray that it is carried out to the fullest!

I took these pictures at the very end of the training with my cell phone. Is it better to have blurry pictures than none at all?

PS- All 3 kids won their soccer games and Caleb and Drew both had a hat trick!

- one more thing. I can't forget Cameron. Although he wasn't up front as much as Brianna (he did play the part of a child when Bri was demonstrating the Wordless Book and he also helped in the club demo) he helped Matt behind the scenes a lot.
He was at the church late last night with Matt moving tables and chairs and bringing food, curriculum etc inside. And, he stayed later tonight helping Matt clean up. It was hard, thankless work and he never once complained. I thanked God when I prayed with Cam tonight for his cheerful attitude.

-okay. one more thing if I haven't lost you yet. I know this is a lot of bragging about my kids but #1, it's God at work in them and He is just as at work in anyone who is His and who lets Him do His work in them and's MY blog so I don't feel too badly bragging on my kids :)


taffie said...

Glad it went so well for such a busy day! Brianna and Cam are so amazing. I'm so thankful to be their Nana, and watch them grow up loving and serving God. Great job on the hat tricks, boys! I actually know that is 3 goals (from watching Bruins games with my Dad and brothers when young).
Brag away, I love it :0

melanie said...

:)keep bragging away!!! they are amazing kids!!

love you and love them all so much!!

ajnrileysmommy said...

can't believe how fast time goes by. you are doing a great job :)