Saturday, October 2, 2010

all day soccer

Today was a soccer day. Started out with Andrew's game at 9:00. Here he is giving his coach a high-five after his first goal.

Alissa's game was next at 10:15

Cameron played a great game at 11:30- his first game of the season

Caleb was last playing his game at 12:45

I strategically held off on the paci until the last game. She was getting so tired! When I asked her if she wanted to go home and take a nap in her crib she just said "mm-hmmm ". (a nap sounded good to me too!)
watching the game


Where Leah is sitting is a middle strip of field between 2 fields. We were watching Caleb's game facing the opposite direction that she is facing. I turned to see where she was and she was sitting on this bench watching another game yelling "GO!" "Kick it!" "Good job!" as loud as she could :) (she even took her paci out so she could yell it louder)

Great day, great games. So thankful for the nice and much cooler weather.

Wish we could have been at the Deerfield Fair but Caleb was in the spirit wearing a fair sweatshirt he got from some friends.

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melanie said...

what a busy and fun day!! wish i couldve been there to see them all play! miss you and love you!