Sunday, October 31, 2010

final days of soccer

Alissa, Caleb and Drewie had their last soccer games on Saturday. It was a chilly start for Alissa's game. Matt and Cam enjoyed the game from the outside.

Leah stayed in the car the whole time- smart girl! (although she had no choice)

Drew- peeking in the car from outside

After Alissa's game it was time for Andrew's game. It wasn't as cold but she liked to wrap up in the blanket anyway :)

Caleb- all ready for his game!

Alissa's team (with Bri as assistant coach) got Halloween candy.

Andrew with his trophy- quite proud of it!

All 4 kids scored goals but I only got Andrew and Alissa's on video....
It was a beautiful day!

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taffie said...

Great soccer season you guys. Congrats to Drew on getting a trophy. Enjoyed the videos of the kids scoring goals. Love and miss you all !