Monday, April 25, 2011

psalm 119

I love God's Word! I totally believe that it is 100% truth and that it contains the answers to any and all of life's problems.
Matt and I so desire that our children follow hard after God. Not just while they are young or while they are living with us, but ALWAYS. That won't come by accident. There is too much out there that is begging for their attention and for their hearts. That is why we pray like crazy for our kids!
I have been slowly reading through Psalm 119 and am devoting this whole week to praying specifically that Matt and I and our kids will love God's Word. Love it, rely on it, meditate on it, need it. Read it for yourself and see why! All but 2 of the 176 verses in that Psalm make some reference to the Word of God.
It is easy to read through the verses and turn them into a prayer. That's what I am doing and I am expecting God to answer :)

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ajnrileysmommy said...

totally agree with everything you said.
love you so much, and love that there really is someone else in the world that has the same desire in raising our kids!