Thursday, April 28, 2011

wisdom teeth

Brianna had all four of her wisdom teeth out today-all were impacted. Matt and Alissa took her to the oral surgeon. Matt told me he was totally shocked and unprepared for what he saw when the nurse brought her out when it was over. We are so thankful that that particular phase passed within a couple of hours! She is in a lot of pain right now-even though she is taking pain medicine.

Before surgery:

After surgery:

She is in better spirits now and we are all just trying to make her feel loved and cared for! Here Cameron is giving her her Arnica- a natural remedy that is supposed to help keep the swelling down.

Alissa took her turn doing it too! She has been SO sweet to Brianna.

Please continue to keep Brianna in prayer for a quick healing.


ajnrileysmommy said...

poor baby! i wish i was there to help! at least it sounds like she has a lot of great family (and friends) helping!
love you and miss you tons!

taffie said...

It's so hard to see your kids in pain! Praying for quick healing and recovery. Love you Bri !

Susanna said...

I'm glad Brianna's on the other side of it. Dan had his removed after we were married and I can still laugh about how loopy he was coming out of it! Hope she recovers quickly and there are no complications.

melanie said...

i too wish i could be there to help!
praying for her, for a quick healing and recovery. love you all!!!