Friday, May 6, 2011


Most people who know me know how much I love lilacs. I planned my wedding date around when the lilacs would be in bloom! I love the look, the feel but especially the smell. No candle or potpourri can mimic the smell of fresh lilacs!
Here is my sweet little nephew with lilacs for me- well, not really for me but his mommy was thinking of me when she picked these :)
I saw a few small lilac bushes here in VA and even got to smell some. But, they are not the same. The bushes don't grow as big and the smell is not nearly as fragrant. So my family further north will all have to enjoy the lilacs for me. And if by chance someone mails me some (like someone did last year) just know that they retain their amazing smell even by mail. (hint hint ;) )
In the meantime I will enjoy this picture and be glad I was thought of.


melanie said...

love you and miss you so much...

grannimcd said...

I am totally with you on the lilacs!!! But there are none to be found anywhere in the south (at least in all the southern places I have lived). But I can almost smell them in this sweet picture.
P.S. I actually remember being with you when you found the lilac fabric for your wedding dress! Seems like ages ago. I guess it was!
Luvu xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo