Friday, June 17, 2011

prayer requests

I know this sounds awful, but I had forgotten about the prayer requests tab I put at the top of this page. Tonight I was really feeling the need to pray and be prayed for and somehow I remembered this part of our blog.

I will try to keep up with the prayer requests for those of you who are willing to pray for us. We totally 100% believe in the power of prayer and thank any of you who lift our family up in prayer!

Just as a side note, Leah has been praying lately. It has been so cute to hear her pray! Sometimes we aren't sure what she is saying and then we hear a very clear "in Jesus name AMEN!" She is especially careful to pray for people who have "booboos" or are sick. She is still praying for my mom who bit her lip at my brother's house when we visited. I'm pretty certain that her lip is better now :)

I am so grateful she is learning to talk to God. She may be a little distracting during family prayer time in the morning, but she is definitely picking up on a lot. Prayer is SUCH an important thing in our family and we hope that none of our kids miss that!

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