Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Tuesday was a beautiful day. It was low humidity and temperatures in the low 80's- a pretty perfect day for Maymont! Not only did I drive into the city BY MYSELF, I even BACKED the bus-I mean van into a parking spot. I was so proud of myself I took a picture!
...pretty good, I thought, even if I couldn't get out my door :)

The little boys started our visit with rolling down the hill.

Caleb made it across the little creek

looking at a fox

looking at some vultures...I'm not a big fan of vultures. I think they are creepy!

I woke up Wednesday morning very sore and wondering why. Oh yeah! Maybe because Micah hung out with me the whole time :)

Some of the kids decided to take a detour through some bamboo. Caleb made it down just fine.

This is Andrew coming down the hill at mach speed. Looks like he'll stick the landing! But....


I love these guys!

time to head home

it was a wonderful day!

Maymont is kind of special to us. We went there for the first time very soon after we moved here. It is a favorite place for us to go when we have friends and family from NH visit us. There is much more to it than we have seen, but what we do doesn't cost anything and we enjoy it so much. The first time we went, Leah wasn't even walking and was carried in the back pack the whole time. This time she RAN most of the way!

It is strange to drive into the city and then all of sudden you are at Maymont. A beautiful park with open land and so much beauty. Reminds me sometimes of the way life can be. My life can feel hectic, rushed, out of control at times but when I stop to spend time daily with God and in His Word, it is like Maymont in the middle of the city! Beauty, peace, quiet, tranquility..... all used to refresh me so that I can get back to my own little "city".

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Reagan said...

Maymont almost killed me last week...I think it was 100 degrees when we went! Love the pictures!!