Saturday, October 1, 2011

ice cream

We've been waiting for this day.  For a long time.  Months ago I got an ice cream maker for $7 at a thrift store.  I had already determined that the kids would pass the ice cream making section of their Keepers of the  Faith books so I was so excited to find such a good deal.
Then I had to wait because I knew what recipe  I wanted to use and it called for maple syrup- which I don't always have on hand (and I like to order it when I place my wheat order since it's cheaper that way).  Also, it calls for egg yolks and since they wouldn't be cooked, I wanted to use eggs fresh from a local farm.  Well, it all came together today.
Caleb was the most excited.  I'm pretty sure he would eat ice cream for every meal every day if he could.

In the machine it went!  It took close to an hour, but at the end of that time we had delicious, creamy, somewhat healthy ice cream.  The hardest part for the kids was waiting until after supper to have a bowl full.  Of course I let them try it as soon as it was done but that was just a tease! 
Being Friday, it was time to do some more work on the dioramas.  Unfortunately the batteries in the camera died as soon as I took this picture but the project is coming along nicely!

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melanie said...

so fun!! im sure it turned out to be delicious. and ali's diorama is looking so good!!! what a fun project.