Monday, December 12, 2011

advent week 1

This is the first year that we are having an advent celebration each of the four Saturdays before Christmas.  Matt decided exactly how it would go.
  • have a small snack
  • light the advent candle
  • read the Scripture for that particular week of Advent
  • do a simple craft
  • read a Christmas story 

 Matt said "simple" so.... simple I got!

The big kids are such great sports.  They have no idea how much joy it brings their old mama to see them take a part in this with good attitudes :)

 While we were all doing this, Brianna commented that each one's finished product showed a lot about that one's personality.  True.  Now, look at Cameron and his nice, orderly neat picture.  Pay special attention to the innocent look on his face.  ("better make this good- mom's taking a picture for the blog")

 Why then did he keep working on it after this picture was taken?  Take a look.  I guess his TRUE personality came out after all :)

 so. cute.  Leah LOVED doing this!

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melanie said...

i love this. and what a great idea!! i love these kids~so much!!!