Tuesday, December 6, 2011

the joys of boys

What do all these have in common?
This morning, I was making pita pockets for breakfast.  I grabbed my oven mitt and put my hand in it so I could take the pitas out of the oven.  I touched the spider.  Drew had thought it would be funny to put the plastic spider in my oven mitt and was even more excited that he was around to watch the fun!  The pot holder went on the floor and the spider went flying into a 450* oven.  And I screamed.  Nice.  Thanks for the excitement Andrew!  One thing though.  Watch out ;)


melanie said...

ohhh my!!! scary...and mean!!!! he better watch out!!! :) im going to cringe next time i use an oven mitt! just thinking of it!

ajnrileysmommy said...

what a little stinker!
i would NEVER do that to you..i mean, a spider?? of all things. come on now!!
ya, you gotta get him back good.
like, no food for the day ;)

taffie said...

All that home schooling has led to a lot of creative thinking on Drew's part! At least he didn't put the fake spider in your pita pocket :-)