Friday, April 20, 2012


 This little girl keeps us all laughing and happy.  She says the cutest things and loves all of us so much.

The other day, Brianna was feeling overwhelmed with her school work and was just crashed on the couch.  Leah came over to her looking concerned and Brianna said, "Leah, I'm dead".  Leah came back with, "Just pretend it's been 3 days!"
I guess she thinks if Jesus came back to life after 3 days, Brianna could too :)

 The dress she is wearing in these pictures is at least 4 inches too short.  However, it was picked out for her by Grandpops and despite the fact that it doesn't still fit, it is too special to get rid of.  She told me "I'm going to keep it forebber!"
 I heard her telling someone we are moving to Massachusetts.  She said  that we are packing everything to bring with us, "but not the house.  It's too heavy."
I love this little munchkin!

...on a side note....
Apparently I offended someone with my last post.  I must clarify.  I do what I do because it's what I love to do and it's what God called me to do.  I don't think it's a sin to not homeschool your kids ( I have wanted to homeschool since before I even had's fulfilling my dream!), to work outside the home (I have a lot of kids and I personally don't want my kids to be in daycare so it wouldn't even be feasible for me to work outside the home) to have nice things (I have lots of nice things) or to pin to pinterest (I do that too).  My blog is really for me and for my close friends and family.  I don't try to get an audience and I really don't even want one.  This blog records what goes on in our life, the growth and development of our kids, special occasions and things like that.  I print my blog by year into books so I will have a journal of sorts of  our family life.  I know that my girls will go back and read it and I want to even now be impressing on them the counter-cultural idea that God places a high value on moms and that staying at home is not a bad thing!  I am very sorry if I came across in a self-righteous way.  God looks at the heart.  Mine and yours.  I am accountable to my husband and my God for what I choose to do with my "career" and I am not telling anyone what they should do with theirs.  We should each have a clear conscience before God :)


taffie said...

Leah is cute as a button, and I love her little sayings! I am so blessed to have such wonderful grandchildren!

melanie said...

Love this!! She is so cute, and I love to hear her little sayings:) Your side note was well said. Don't be discouraged by other peoples negative comments. As frustrating and discouraging as im sure it is. You are doing an amazing job in all you do. And I love your blog and am always encouraged by it. When you share thoughts or just things or pictures about your day. Love you so so much!!! Xoxo.