Monday, May 14, 2012


As you will see by this post, there is no time to take meaningful pictures and write important things.  My brain is fried and I am tired.  Not discouraged though!  We are doing well with our packing.  The boys love their room without their beds set up or anything much in there.  It's like one big basketball court!  

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Leah tries to help whenever she can.    She has been sick but seems to finally be coming out of it.  We thank God for that- it was not a fun time.  Her little body has a hard time with sickness.

Not much left unpacked so besides nerf hoop there is a lot of game playing going on.
Brianna and Cameron had to finish up their Latin also.  Brianna taking her final exam.
So much has been going on. So much.  I can't even write it.  We are down to 2 weeks now and so you can expect that my posts will be unorganized and random like this one is :)


melanie said...

fun pictures :)

ajnrileysmommy said...

so glad you're coming back to new england! :)