Thursday, June 21, 2012

father's day

One thing that amazes me most about Matt is the father that he is.  The patience he has with the kids and the time he takes to deal with situations in a godly way is incredible.  He prioritizes his children above football, food, work, fitness, and everything else except God and me. 

 Cameron got recognized today (at CYIA) because of the neatness of his bed and bed area.  I know it was because of the time that Matt has spent in the past showing him how to do a job right.  He patiently taught Cam how to make his bed and go the extra mile to make his area of responsibility really stand out.  

When I want to blow over an issue with one or more of the kids, Matt reminds me that telling someone "don't do that again"does not deal with the heart issue.  He is so faithful to bring the kids to the Word and judge every action according to God's standard of right and wrong.

He is loving and never hesitates to hug a kid or give a kind word.  He is an awesome dad!

 Sunday afternoon Leah and Micah enjoyed some fun daddy time.
 Leah would say "Pretend to be dead Daddy!" and Matt would lie on the floor like this.  She would go over to him and poke or tickle until finally he would jump up and grab her and then she would laugh like crazy and try to get away.  Micah didn't quite understand :)

 Leah was laughing and squealing so loudly while Matt was giving her a piggy back ride that Micah wasn't quite sure what to think!

After dinner we went to the park.  Alissa discovered that the spray park was on a timer and that there was a sensor to make it turn on.
 Matt and the boys enjoyed the water too, but not until after an intense, competitive game of basketball!

 It really was not spray park weather and Leah got a bit chilled.  Daddy saved the day by letting her wear his t-shirt and we covered her with a heavy comforter.  She took a warm bath at home and recovered completely :)
We missed having Brianna with us to celebrate Father's Day (she is the one who made him a dad after all!) but it was a wonderful day.

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