Saturday, June 16, 2012

word of life

The plan was for Cameron and I to take Brianna to WOL today.  It was soon evident that no one wanted to be left behind.  Especially Matt!

 We got there just in time to eat lunch at the BI.
 Leah managed to get one of the last giant sized freeze pops!

 After a LONG wait in the registration line, we drove over to the Inn.  Brianna was shown the girls' dorms.

 4 girls. 1 room.  You can only imagine how much STUFF is in this room!
 Saying goodbye is never easy.

 After leaving Brianna at the Inn, we took a short drive down memory lane.  This is the cabin we lived in for 9 months when Matt attended the Bible Institute.  We had 3 small children at the time.  That winter there was         a LOT of snow!  I remember that once the snow was shoveled off the room, the snow came up to the middle of those windows.  That is claustrophobia!   Ahhhhh..... great memories :)
I miss my girl like crazy already.  We all do.  I cannot possibly mean this more- this is where God wants Brianna this summer.  He has made it perfectly clear not only to her but to Matt as well.  There is a sweet peace that comes from knowing she is in God's will.  We don't know why God wants her there right now, but we are excited to find out!


taffie said...

What beautiful pics of Bri and the whole family! I'm praying for Bri (and all of you) that this summer will be a time of blessing. She's growing up too fast! love you

melanie said...

Great pictures! It's nice to be able to picture where she is. I got sad looking at the pictures of her saying goodbye! praying for you ALL!!!