Wednesday, June 6, 2012


We heard about a park just two miles from our house and decided that we'd give it a go!  Brianna drove us the 15 passenger van.  Whew!  She did a great job :)  

 For a while we were the only ones there.  It was so nice and peaceful and the air was so fresh!

 The boys loved being  able to play basketball.

 I thought Micah's stroller was in the back of the van but it wasn't.  So, he had to hang out in the swing for most of the time we were there.  Lucky he has a nice big sister to push him :)

 (wow! nice parking job, Brianna! ;)

The best part?  A dad dropped his son off at the park and just stayed in his car.  The boy made his way over to the court and asked if he could play b-ball with the boys and of course they said yes.  In the meantime, Brianna noticed she had lost the charm off her necklace.  We all stopped to look for it and one of the kids said we should pray.  Cameron used that opportunity to ask the boy if he knew what prayer was and then who God is.  He ended up taking our wordless book colored soccer ball and giving the boy the entire gospel.  He had the boy interacting so much, answering questions and even asking questions.  By the time he was done, the boy decided he wanted to ask Jesus to be his Savior! He prayed to God in his own words and Cameron relayed some of his prayer to us.  It was so sweet!  

-by the way...Brianna found her charm :)

I love this park!

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