Saturday, July 28, 2012

lazy days of summer?

I am not sure who penned those words, "lazy days of summer".  I am sure I have no idea what that person was talking about.  My summer has been far from "lazy"!  
With school starting way too soon, visiting a different church each Sunday, having driven to NY to get Brianna to bring her home for a week to rest and recover (and then driven her back), a 3 (full) day Classical Conversations event, meeting people, getting to know my way around, having online tutor trainings to attend, listening to hours of Latin instruction, memorizing a chapter out of Psalms (which for those who wanted to keep me accountable- I completed today!), and MUCH MORE.... I hardly feel lazy.  Overwhelmed is more like it!  Actually though, I have loved every minute of it and been so thankful for all the blessings God has thrown in along the way.

The CC event was one I had been dreading for a long time.  The thought of taking all of the kids with me for something that went from 9am -4pm for three days was very intimidating.  It ended up though, that Brianna was home during those three days and was able to come with us.  Cameron was already committed as a helper, but Brianna was able to help out with Micah so I could enjoy more of the sessions.
Leah loved "Play Camp" and was able to make friends and meet a couple of girls who will be in her CC class this fall.

Each of the three days, we packed a lunch and ate it outside on the church steps.

 Micah was a real trooper!

 Drew here had finished his lunch and was begging us all to hurry up so we could move to the back of the church and join some other boys in a basketball game!

 Andrew participated in Geography Drawing Camp and Alissa and Caleb were part of the Public Speaking Camp.  They (despite their preconceived ideas) loved it and learned so much!

 Cameron worked hard and earned 19.5 community service hours.  Here he is getting his certificate (and a gift).  The kids LOVED him!

The last day was a Saturday and Matt drove us there.  On his way back he found a farm that is famous for its corn.  He bought some and after cooking and eating it we all could see why they were famous for it.  It was by far the best corn I have ever tasted!  It didn't even need butter or salt it was that good!

 Brianna took advantage of every minute she could get with Leah.  She misses her so badly.

 Alissa is in the background making cookies :)

One thing we have enjoyed over the last week is hooking up the computer to the tv monitor and watching some things that have been so faith building.  One night, Cameron was up with Matt and I after the other kids went to bed.  We watched some video clips of Frank Turek teaching how to defend your faith.  The next night we actually watched a 2 hour debate between him and Chirstopher Hitchens "What best explains reality: Theism or Atheism?"  Cameron was so fired up watching it!  He is so anxious to study more and learn to be equipped to defend creation, God, and our faith.
(Frank Turek from time to time refers to the Big Bang, but says that when God created the universe he is sure there was a big bang!  He reaffirms the Genesis 1 account of creation but says he believe it all started with a bang.  I haven't read anything so far that makes me question his stand on creation .)

Another night we watched as a whole family Louie Giglio's Indescribable.  It has been so neat as a family to be in awe of God and His creation.  God has used these things to reaffirm our own faith in Him as times have been very tough.  A move has always brought about difficulties financially, emotionally, and physically.  God is so sweet to confirm His approval and His presence in our lives during these times.

Lazy?  Not even close.  But God has been doing amazing things in our lives and I don't want to miss Him in all the busyness. His love, care, personal and so incredible.


Brianna said...

i had fun being home and i can't wait to go back for longer:)

ajnrileysmommy said...

sounds ANYTHING but lazy!!