Tuesday, August 28, 2012


With Rachelle and Melanie having their nice cameras and snapping pictures left and right, I found it hard to take my little point and shoot seriously!  I did take a few pics though and love what they represent.  A super sweet family time away at Alton Bay!

 Most of the mornings we had the whole beach to ourselves.  It was wonderful!

 Whenever Micah was near the water we had to watch him so carefully.  One day, a little boy around 5 years old had the wagon that Callen is playing with in this picture, and was pulling it out into the water.  He looked at Micah and said, "Baby, baby, get in here!  This is a roller coaster!"  That same little boy took a cup full of water and threw it purposely in Micah's face.  Nothing like raising the ire of a couple of aunties and a grandmother.  That little boy didn't stand a chance!  He was quickly escorted off the beach by his grandmother.  I don't think we saw him again ;)

such a happy girl!

LOVED our time at Alton Bay this year.  Already looking forward to next!

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ajnrileysmommy said...

i love every single picture. the best vacation ever :)