Sunday, August 5, 2012

open air

Matt was asked if he would help out at a Family Fun event in Springfield yesterday.  His job?  Be available to give the Gospel as needed.  Cameron and Alissa went with him and were able to use their training in sharing the Gospel as they made Wordless Book bracelets with children and even some adults.  

Springfield is such a spiritually dark place.  Matt and the kids commented on the sadness in peoples' eyes and the hopelessness.  Praise God we are not without hope!  And with Jesus, regardless of circumstances, we have joy unspeakable!  So, when we share Jesus with people, we are sharing Hope and Joy as well. 

Alissa and Cameron both got to lead children to the Lord after sharing Jesus with them.  Only God knows the hearts of those that made a profession of faith, but I am so grateful to have a husband and children who are obedient to the command that God gives us to share the Gospel with everyone.

Matt shared the Gospel with a young adult who said she just wasn't ready to accept Jesus.  Matt pointed to her wordless book bracelet and said to her, "Please just do one thing.  When you get home tonight and put your head on your pillow, look at this bracelet and think about what I shared with you.  And remember, God is passionately in love with you.  I and my family will be praying for you."  After he told her that she came back to the table multiple times with different excuses for being there. We are praying for that woman who is nameless to us, but is loved and well known by the God who created her.

Springfield, you have not seen the last of us!

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ajnrileysmommy said...

i am filled with pride as i see my niece and nephew serving God like this!! i can't even imagine how YOU feel!