Sunday, August 5, 2012

random musings

So much in this head of mine.  Scary, actually.  Well, for anyone who has to be around me or who tries to have a conversation with me!  I am going to share a few thoughts....reader beware :)

God is amazing.  He never stops loving, teaching, being involved, forgiving.   I really do love Him so much!  Recently I saw something on a church website that said they would not use the "new empty meaningless music" that is becoming popular in churches today.  
Well, I sat in a service yesterday where both praise songs and hymns were sung and I was blessed incredibly  by the words to the praise songs.  Far from meaningless.  Unless the cross is meaningless....  Which. It. Isn't.  

May I share?
At the cross I bow my knee 
Where Your blood was shed for me 
There's no greater love than this 
You have overcome the grave 
Your glory fills the highest place 
What can separate me now 

my favorite line- FULL of meaning..
You tore the veil 
You made a way 
When You said that it is done 

Bless the Lord, O my soul
O my soul
Worship His holy name
Sing like never before
O my soul
I'll worship Your holy name

The sun comes up, it's a new day dawning
It's time to sing Your song again
Whatever may pass, and whatever lies before me
Let me be singing when the evening comes

You're rich in love, and You're slow to anger
Your name is great, and Your heart is kind
For all Your goodness I will keep on singing
Ten thousand reasons for my heart to find

And on that day when my strength is failing
The end draws near and my time has come
Still my soul will sing Your praise unending
Ten thousand years and then forevermore

Heal my heart and make it clean
Open up my eyes to the things unseen
Show me how to love like You have loved me
Break my heart for what breaks Yours
Everything I am for Your Kingdom's cause
As I walk from earth into eternity

I love music and I love praising a God worthy of all my praise- and more!

So, last night Matt and I went to church at Bethlehem- an awesome date for us.  Great music, sweet, reflective time of communion, challenging sermon by a missionary speaker.  Today we (as a family) traveled 120 miles round trip to a church we needed to visit.  I was glad for the refreshment of last night because the day was long and tiring!  Just ask Micah....

On another note....
Prayer.  I went to a Bible study on Friday and someone mentioned this saying:

I wrote it out and hung it on my wall to serve as a reminder to pray often about everything.  Amazing the difference prayer makes.  Even just the act of praying brings such peace and a sense of relief as it brings me face to face with Jesus.

There is much more.  But one can only read for so long- so I'll leave it for another post :)


ajnrileysmommy said...

i love that prayer quote! i'm going to write it down too!
thanks for sharing :)

Susanna said...

love the words to all those songs, too! learned them at our church here. I pray, "break my heart for what breaks yours!!"

Celeste Mamie said...

Thanks for sharing great words!