Saturday, August 11, 2012

Patriots Training Camp

Oh the torture of last year.  The agony of my boys sitting around the computer in Virginia looking at this.  The jealousy, the desire, the longing.  Well, this year it was finally their turn to join in the fun!  Patriots Training Camp 2012.  We met the Chases and some of the Boulters at Gillette Stadium to watch our beloved team practice. 

Even though it was the Patriots we were there to see, there was as much excitement about seeing cousins and friends!  Pig pile on Jeb!

 Micah was not nearly as impressed as the others.

I found this picture to be a little ironic.  Cameron has on a Moss shirt and Matt has a Jesus shirt on.  One thing I thought of is that Moss is almost an "enemy" now.  He used to be a well loved and favorite Pats player, but he kind of betrayed the team with a bad attitude and a lack of trust in his coach's decisions. Now he plays for another team.  Jesus will never change.  He will always be on the right side, will never betray us and taught us from His life on earth to never doubt the "Coach's" decisions.  Even though our family enjoys wearing team jerseys for all different sports, I hope that we never in any way worship a player or a team.  Only God is worthy of that!

 Hope the Patriots have a great season!

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