Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Oh the days.  The long days.  The tiring days.  The sick days.  
So, my  blog post today begins with the announcement that I have lost my camera.  One of the kids was getting on my case for getting behind with my blog but it is hard for me to blog without pictures.  I am hoping and praying to find it today.  We will scour the house (even though I thought I already did!) and search the most unlikely places.  Hopefully we will find it and life can resume as normal.

Did I just say "normal"? What in the world is that?  Is getting up before the sun is even thinking about coming out just so I can watch a "Teaching Writing Structure and Style" DVD to prepare for my class normal?  Is using the same towel over and over because there are no clean towels in the house normal?  Is tipping a couch upside down and cutting a hole in the lining hoping to find a lost camera normal?  Is keeping a peak flow meter handy to check how much air my daughter is able to take into her lungs normal?  Is making weekly trips to Staples to print out papers for school because I have no printer normal?  Is going through 50 pounds of apples and 18 dozen eggs in two weeks normal?  Is having a one and a half year old following you around the house crying nonstop normal?  

Ummm. Yes.  That is what is "normal" lately around here.

Fortunately, having seven children hanging around me, helping with the chores, the baby, the camera search; watching them get a sick sibling a drink of water or a favorite blanket; singing at the top of their lungs at any given moment; working hard trying to finish an entire AWANA book in 6 weeks; showing off their made bed or finished map; telling me how much they love me and being grateful for what I do for them.....  that is normal too.  

We have major financial needs right now and major health needs as well.  Please keep us in prayer that we won't get discouraged and that our focus will be on God and His ability to meet our needs.


melanie said...

Love this. Praying for you!!

Reagan said...

Praying for your sweet family. Just last Sunday we were reading Matt's update during our family service. A friend of ours had spent the night and had never heard of the "living water" Matt mentioned. We were able to open up the Bible and tell him all about it!

BTW, that's a whole lot of apples!