Thursday, September 13, 2012

Today was the first day of CC for the younger kids. Leah has been looking forward to it for so long and was so excited for this day to finally arrive! Brianna curled her (already curly) hair and gave her a necklace to wear. Oh the joys of having a big sister!
It was a little chilly first thing in the morning so the kids wanted to be sure that Micah was warm enough :)
This is Alissa in class. I introduced wildflowers to the group and this week they will have to research them, use at least two sources (only one of which can be internet), make an outline for each source, fuse the outlines into one, write a paper from the outline, make a sketch of whatever wildflower they are writing about, and prepare to present their research to the class next week.
Can I take a minute to brag about Alissa? This is the test she took today in geography. I handed her a blank piece of paper, and she drew from memory the United States, labeled the states and capitals and several features. Pretty neat, huh? This week she will being working on Canada.
It was a long, exhausting, but really good day today :)


melanie said...

So fun!! Love Micah all bundled. Leah looks all ready to go!!:) and that map is amazing!!! Wow. Great job Alissa!!

Reagan said...

Wow! You guys are on a roll! I hope everyone is feeling better.... Ruby still prays every night that Leah will come back to her "real" house.

taffie said...

Leah's hair looks so pretty! Are her feet really that small (lol)? Micah looks comfy and cozy, what a cutie! Great job Alissa, so proud of you!! Love to all from Nana =^..^=
p.s. - please pray for Grampy, he has the cold that everyone's getting.