Monday, September 10, 2012

the moments

I noticed that I have started blogging only on special occasions.  Birthdays, vacation, reflective occasions.  It occurred to me that since every day is a gift from God, every day is a special occasion!  I had been missing the moments.  So, in an effort to change that, I am recording our "moments" yesterday that really are from God and ones that I am more than thankful for.

Sunday is one of our more predictable days.  Almost every single Sunday we have waffles  for breakfast.

Micah gets so jealous!  As soon as he saw Leah in Alissa's lap he wanted to get up too :)

When football season starts, it is time for apple pie.  I try to make an apple pie or apple crisp every Sunday afternoon.  My family prefers pie over crisp, so pie was what they got yesterday.

 Due to sickness in our house....still.....only 5/9 of the Curriers went to church yesterday.  We are looking forward to being better and going to church and Sunday School, all of us, every Sunday!  Micah is not sick, but if someone stays home from church, he stays home too.  He stayed in his pjs almost all day because I just found these pjs in a bin of clothes a friend in VA gave me, and I thought they were adorable!

Weren't you just standing right next to me 2 seconds ago, Micah?  How did you get away from me and into that  box that was organized in that short amount of time??

Alissa is working hard at drawing maps for school.  This week she has to be able to draw the USA from memory, including all the states, and label every state, capital, and many features.  That has helped to develop an interest in maps for the other kids.  Here Caleb is labeling and coloring in the countries in Africa on a map that he traced.  He wanted me to laminate it after he was done because he put so much work into it!

Pizza every Sunday afternoon.  For years.

All that mischief making makes one pretty tired!


One happy, happy  boy :)  There's not much Cameron likes (food-wise) more than apple pie and ice cream.


I didn't get pictures, but Brianna went and picked up a new friend from church and brought her back to spend some time with her.  It was nice to see how quickly they hit it off and what a good time they had together.

Here is Leah coloring in her map.  She literally spent a whole hour working on this!  She is wearing Caleb's Patriots shirt to show her team spirit :)  This was taken after Brianna did her "pretties" (nails).

Up from his nap and quite refreshed!


I really do treasure these days that God has filled with moments like these.  I don't take for granted the husband, the children, the food, the clothing, the housing, and the GOD who "daily loads me with benefits".  I want my life to bring Him glory not just in the big things, but in the every day, moment to moment real life.


melanie said...

I loved this!! Thank you so much for taking the time to take pics and post them. I know it's time consuming. Loved getting that glimpse inside your day!! Micah-double trouble:)

ajnrileysmommy said...

loved this! makes me miss you glad you're only a couple hours away now!!! love you!