Tuesday, October 2, 2012

break my heart for what breaks Yours

Matt had the opportunity to work at the Big E fair this year.  The fair is open for 17 days and Matt was there for 11 of them!  The CEF booth offered a free craft for kids- bracelet making.  Whenever someone came to make a bracelet, Matt would tell the parent that he was going to be telling the child a story as they made the craft and that it was a story about God- he would then ask if that was okay with the parent.  Not one parent said no.  
The atmosphere was not a good one for kids to really think about what was being told but it was a great chance to share God's love with them.  Each one who made a bracelet got a tract that explained what each color bead represented and we prayed that it would make it home and that they would be able to rethink what was shared.  
What was amazing though, was that when adults came through with a child, some of them were searching and actually looking for answers.  Matt actually  had the opportunity to see some adults put their faith in Jesus recognizing that He was what they were looking for all along!

Cameron and Alissa often went with Matt to work some shifts at the fair.  I went one time and it was last Saturday night.  I do not like crowds and the noise and activity left me a little anxious and up tight.  Watching Matt, though was amazing.  He has such a gift!  Everyone who has seen him share Jesus with the kids has said the same thing.  I took these pictures on my phone and obviously the lighting and quality is not good, but it gets the point across.  These girls were teens and they listened to every word he said.  He connects with people so well.  I watched one little girl around 6 or 7 years old listen to Matt.  She never took her eyes off of him.  She hung on every word he said- and so did her mom!  He is so confident in the message he is sharing and has such boldness.

I like to watch people-  I guess I am a little nosy. I am very drawn to children and as I was sitting there at the fair, I would notice a baby or child and my first response would be a smile.  Then my eyes would go to the person who was holding their hand or pushing them in a stroller and so many times my heart would break.  It was so hard for me to imagine that child going home with the adult that was with them.  The words coming out of their mouths, the beer in their hands, the spiteful look in their eyes.....it looked completely hopeless.  I can only imagine that as much as it breaks my heart it must break the heart of God even more.  Every time Matt would make a presentation to a child, there was a point where he would say, "do you know what God's most special creation of all is?" His voice would get quiet and he would smile and point to that child and say "you". How true.  We as people are God's most special creation.  We are the ones He sent His son to die for.  As Matt's and my hearts break for what breaks the heart of God, we are motivated.  Motivated to take our focus off of ourselves and proactively seek to do what  God wants us to do.  We are targeting the city around where we live and praying that God will open doors for us to share Jesus with kids and families there.  We are praying for churches to partner with so that families can be saved and then discipled and established in a local church.  We are praying that not only will God break our hearts, but that He will break the hearts of Believers in the city so that they too will be motivated to action.  People need Jesus.

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